January 15, 2013

Traveling in Style

It has been fun playing on Polyvore preparing my two previous posts on The Perfect Outfit for Flying.  I certainly don't consider myself a fashionista at all -  I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on dressing comfortably but stylishly while traveling.
via Pinterest
I loved receiving comments from some of my readers sharing their tips for what to wear when flying.  So far, Tina from The Enchanted Home shared "I always bring an extra oversized scarf that kind of doubles as a blanket, a nice non wrinkle shirt, some kind of cardigan/wrap and comfy shoes or boots are a must".  Linda from My Crafty Home said "I don't wear a belt and my shoes are slip-off. The large bag that doubles as a purse is a must."  And, Jennifer from The Pink Pagoda added "comfortable flats are of the utmost importance."  Great suggestions, ladies...Thank You!!
Before I close out this topic, I thought it would fun to share some examples of "Airplane Style" from some of our favorite celebs. I went through hundreds of photos and these are the ones that I liked the best. The vast majority of the pictures showed celebs who were wearing things that, in my opinion,  simply looked ridiculous for traveling!

 Prince William and Duchess Kate via NY Mag

Gwyneth Paltrow via zimbio

Brooke Shields via Fame Pictures

Giada de Laurentiis via Fame Pictures

Jessica Alba via Fame Pictures

And, finally, how about this look? Do you think you could rock it on an airplane?

 Lady Gaga via Getty Images


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Sandy!

I like to travel simply. I do not like lugging too much stuff because I want to be able to LUG STUFF BACK from my travels! So jeans and a jacket and good walking shoes is my choice! HAPPY TUESDAY! Anita

The enchanted home said...

Oh that Gaga picture is a riot. I most resemble Gwennie when traveling, always always always have a big scarf wrapped around my neck, sometimes boots, sometimes flats. And a big roomy tote for all my mags/books,etc.....unfortunately traveling is not the luxury it used to be!

My Crafty Home Life said...

You are so sweet to give me a shout out. I actually look nicer when I travel than I do in my everyday life. Working on that. Kate always looks great and Gaga gets a free pass in my book.

miss b said...

Great post! I like all the photos you selected - these comfortable, sensible yet stylish outfits are perfect for travelling. I always have an oversized cashmere pashmina and comfortable flats. The Lady Gaga one made me smile. I always enjoy my visits to your lovely blog and I've nominated you for an award over at mine! You deserve it!

coco said...

like casual outfits !

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