January 23, 2013

Are You Freezing Today? Check Out This Deal...

Can't stand this bitter cold for one more day? Be spontaneous and hop on a plane for Honolulu!!
Photo via The Kahala Hotel and Resort
This is a great deal - Hawaiian Airlines is offering round trip airfare from New York to Honolulu for just $422 for several dates in the next couple of weeks.

Add in a four night stay at my favorite hotel in Honolulu, The Kahala Hotel and Resort, where they are offering the fourth night free, and you might just be able to melt those icicles from your fingertips. (Or save even more and try your luck bidding on a four night stay at The Kahala over at Luxury Link.)


Leslie said...

Yes! I am freezing! This sounds perfect:) wow! Great price for the flight. We are booked to go to Hawaii in March. I will really some sunshine by then!


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