December 20, 2012

Thirsty Thursday ~ Eggnog

Thirsty Thursday question of the day - do you love or hate Eggnog?? 
 Egg Nog originated in Britain where it was originally made with brandy and called an "Egg Flip". When it crossed the ocean to the Americas, rum became the addition of choice due to heavy taxes on brandy and whiskey. The name came from a combination of Egg and Grog, first Egg 'n Grog and shortened to Egg Nog.
Peppermint Egg Nog via Martha Stewart
I am not a huge fan, but after looking at some of these pictures, I am thinking about making some this year (or at least some of the eggnog based recipes I found!)
 Egg Nog Milk Shake via Dashing Dish
How good does that milkshake look??
Egg Nog Cupcakes via Dashing Dish
Is it just me or do those cupcakes look amazing?
Egg Nog Truffles via McCormick
Seriously? Yum!

What is your favorite holiday drink? I am partial towards anything made with Champagne or Prosecco.
Cheers to a Happy Holiday!


My Crafty Home Life said...

I did not like egg nog until I had a homemade one. The kind that needs to ferment for about 2 weeks. I will never be making it, but it was fantastic. I recently purchased "SO" delicious Nog flavored coconut milk. It's dairy free and I have been putting it in my homemade latte's. Love that.

The enchanted home said...

Funny I am not a huge egg nog person either but some of htese pictures are enticing me! My favorite holiday drink is either champagne with raspberries or a really great apple martini! Cheers to Christmas!

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