November 3, 2012

Surviving Sandy and Helping in the Aftermath

We were the lucky ones. The first two days we were surrounded by downed trees and mangled power lines but fortunately did not sustain any damage to our property. On Wednesday, two Good Samaritans (we don't know who they were) arrived with a chainsaw and removed the tree that blocked one end of our street. Since we have well water after two days with no running water or heat, we decided to hightail it out of Greenwich and head up north to where we could find an available hotel. When we were finally able to watch TV and see the devastation to our neighbors in New York and New Jersey, my heart broke at what I was watching.

I encourage my readers to help in any way they can. You can text "redcross" to 90999 to make a $10 donation, or go to to donate online.

I pledge to donate $1 to Red Cross relief for every page view I get for this post in the next week and $2 for every comment someone leaves me sharing a story of people coming together to help one another.

Thank you to all the first responders who have put your lives on the line to help others - you truly are the Finest and Bravest. The people in the tri-state area are a resilient group...we will bounce back with time and perseverance.

Most likely I will be continuing my nomadic existence for a few more days as they do not expect to restore power to our area until early next week. In the meantime my posting will be limited.


TSL - Living in Art said...

Hoping you and yours will soon have life back a little easier. So sorry!

pve design said...

Almost a week ago monday we had no idea how our lives would be changed by Storm Sandy.
Our power is back and school starts - we all crave the routine of normalcy.
Be well- home safe- fully charged!

The enchanted home said...

Hi our stories mirror each other but lucky you, that you got to go away!! We IF YOU CAN BELIEVE IT on Sat. night had a family wedding in the city...crazy and surreal. Don't' ask :) Just glad we all made it through and the worst is over!! Hope you get back home nuts that we are getting another storm, see the wind kicking up and I am thinking of all those fragile trees and all the people still without power and water, tragic.
Safe travels.

The enchanted home said...

PS Added you to my blogroll today.

My Crafty Home Life said...

Looks like my neighborhood. Glad you didn't have any damage. We were lucky that way, too.

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