October 20, 2014

Kate Spade's "Places To Go, People To See"

I couldn't wait to buy my copy of Kate Spade New York's latest book Places To Go, People To See! I am a huge Kate Spade fan - I have one of the original KS bags from when she partnered with Lilly Pulitzer...talk about iconic! When it was announced that their theme of this year was going to be travel, I was thrilled. And, I am even more excited they decided to culminate their year of "going places" with an amazing coffee table. As would be expected from Kate Spade, it is a gorgeous, colorful and whimsical book, which combines fashion, design and travel. 

The chapter headings say it all...

Escape The Ordinary...

"every time we step out of our routine, we set out on a voyage of discovery"

Bags Packed...

"just a glimpse of a leather-trimmed canvas duffle or a suitcase topped with a slice of bright ribbon...is all it takes to send us daydreaming of a getaway"

Enjoy The Ride...

"some of the greatest stories ever told are the ones that unfold between departure and arrival"

Living the Hotel Life...

"wherever the magic comes from in this place we temporarily call home, we gladly check in our cares upon arrival"
Getting Lost Is Always A Good Idea...

"knowing our options and then doing whatever we fancy when we fancy it. we call it inspired wandering." 

Ni Hai, Hola, Ciao, Hello...

"it all clicks the moment we let go of the why and embrace the why not" 

The Awfully Big Adventure...

"these are places that capture our attention and spark our imagination" 

Things Picked Up Along the Way...

"these are things that keep our trip alive long after the trip is officially over" 

 Photo Finish...

"every time we click the shutter, a camera doesn't just capture a moment in time, it captures our moment in time"

Home Sweet Home...

"that's why we are so excited to arrive home. we know it's the beginning of a new adventure" 

If you dream of traveling, like I do (last night I dreamed I helped George Clooney plan a vacation!) then you will love this book!

All photos are from the book.

October 17, 2014

Have A Fabulous Weekend!!

Happy Friday! This week, a combination of too much work and too much play equaled not nearly enough time for blogging - reading OR writing! Please have patience with me...I am reading and enjoying all of your posts, but more often than not, I am reading them on my iPad at 3am.

Here is what I have been doing this week...

Visiting one of the gems of New York - the New York Botanical Garden. We saw Kiku - the Japanese Garden exhibit, had a delicious lunch at the "pop-up" Japanese restaurant, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the incredible pumpkin creations in the Haunted Pumpkin Garden. Fall is the perfect time to visit your local botanical garden and if you are in NYC, the NYBG is a must see! You can take a train from Grand Central which drops you off across the street from the garden. 

Via  I Dream Of
Lunching with the ladies...I was fortunate enough to be a guest at this absolutely enchanting lunch where I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with a group of my favorite bloggers, including the adorable Jeanne from I Dream Of who flew in all the way from Seattle! It was such a pleasure to finally meet her! It is remarkable how much all of us have in common beyond the blogging world. Thank you to Tina of The Enchanted Home for sharing her gorgeous home with us!!

Putting the final touches on a fabulous British Garden Tour, two amazing Italy trips, and quite a few last minute holiday travel requests...and wrapping up loose ends for work before focusing on my own travels the end of next week.

 Opening boxes of things I have ordered online for my trip (no time to shop) and then returning every single item. Guess I will be packing things I already own, which is usually the best way to go, right?

 Looking forward to a relaxing weekend enjoying the stunning fall colors in New England...

Don't forget to email me with your guest posts!! 

I hope YOU have an absolutely wonderful weekend...wherever you may be wandering...


October 14, 2014

Don't Look Down! La Tour Eiffel Gets A Glass Floor

True confession time...I am terribly afraid of heights.  I love the Eiffel Tower as the iconic symbol of Paris as much as any Francophile, but the one and only time I went to the top, I cried the entire time. Never again, I swore back in 1984...and so far, I have enjoyed the twinkling of the tower from afar. 
Via one of my favorite blogs, Views From My Kitchen Sink
Last week, visiting the Eiffel Tower became even more daunting for acrophobes like me. After a $38 million refurbishment, the premier etage, has re-opened with a GLASS FLOOR! Yikes...not for me...but it does look pretty cool in the photos:


If you remember this post, then you may remember that when we are in Hong Kong I am staying at the highest hotel in the world, the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong, which is on the 102-118th floors of the 8th tallest building in the world. Frankly, I am quite nervous about staying that high in the sky, but generally my fear is of heights in open spaces (including glass floors and elevators!)

Are you afraid of heights or would you relish walking out onto the glass floors at
the Eiffel Tower??

October 13, 2014

Capture Travel Memories With Flytographer


How often do you return from a vacation with countless photos of sights and scenery but not one of your family or fellow traveling companions?  Book a session with Flytographer, a service for hiring photographers in over 100 cities around the world, and capture those priceless memories forever. Flytographer is perfect for families, honeymooners or anyone who wants wonderful memories of a special trip.

Your "flytographer" will accompany you while you go about your sightseeing...just imagine a friend tagging along and taking photos...it is that easy!

It is easy to find and book a Flytographer online, but recently they began partnering with travel advisors so we can offer their services to our clients. What a great idea! I am going to start mentioning it to all of my clients before they take a special trip.

Flytographer has also recently partnered with another of my favorite travel resources - Context Travel - a fabulous company offering scholarly walking tours all over the world (which I cannot recommend enough). Now, in three European destinations (Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague) you can combine one of Context's amazing walking tours with a session with a Flytographer.

I first heard about Flytographer from my friend, client and fellow blogger, Elizabeth from Pretty Pink Tulips. You can always count on Elizabeth to be the first to find the latest and greatest of anything - no surprise she was the alert me to Flytographer! Here is her post about her experience with Flytographer on her trip to Italy last summer - and, as is often the case, her pictures speak louder than words. 

Aren't your memories your best souvenirs? Capture them forever with Flytographer!